Breastfeeding is the natural extension of healthy living and healthy birthing. Breastfeeding carries significant health and emotional benefits without the serious risks that formula feeding may impart. There exists an inexplicable special bond between a mother and her breastfeeding child.

Breastfeeding difficulties are rare, but if you encounter uncertainty or problems nursing your baby, immediately call an experienced professional who is dedicated to breastfeeding as the superior way to nourish a child. You are welcome to call me for support, look for Lactation Consultants on our RESOURCES page, at The San Diego Breastfeeding Coalition, or you can call La Leche League (1.800.LA-LECHE), an organization devoted to the importance of breastfeeding, to find an experienced volunteer or free meeting in your area. I recommend La Leche League meetings to every pregnant and breastfeeding woman.

Prenatal visits are available to discuss preparation to nurse your baby; knowing what to expect can help to prevent problems. I am a lactation consultant previously IBCLC certified with the International Board of Certified Lactation Examiners. With over 25 years experience counseling nursing mothers and assisting with breastfeeding problems, I have significant experience working with premies, poor latch, painful breasts and babies with special needs.